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Woodcock shooting is available from 1 September to 31 January

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Woodcock shooting in ScotlandThe Eurasian woodcock is a wading bird similar to the common snipe but larger, with a very long tapering bill and brown, buff and black plumage. As its name suggests, the woodcock prefers woodland cover and feeds at night on worms, beetles, caterpillars and other insects. There are approximately 78,000 breeding pairs of woodcock resident in Scotland and UK combined, with over a million overwintering, with many stopping off in the quiet rural landscape of Scotland.

From a shooting point of view, woodcock are not shot in large numbers but are a prized quarry as they are very challenging to shoot and very good to eat. Being mainly nocturnal, they rest in dense cover during the day, are very hard to spot, and when flushed fly in a "zig-zag" motion, soon dropping back into cover. A "Right and Left" at woodcock is still regarded as the pinnacle of many sportsmen's career, and snipe shooting can be arranged as part of a mixed walked up day.

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