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Teal shooting is available from 1 September to 31 January

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Teal shooting in ScotlandThe teal is the smallest European dabbling duck and belongs to the same familly as the mallard - Anatidae. The male teal has grey flanks, a chestnut brown head with broad green eye patches and a black edged yellow tail. Both male and female teal have bright green wing markings with the females being predominantly mottled brown in colour.

Like the mallard, teal are found in most wetland areas, feeding on seeds and insects. There are resident and migratory, with many birds overwintering in Scotland from the Baltic, Siberia and North West Europe.

Teal shooting is exciting as they fly fast and high both in pairs and often in large numbers. They can be shot flighting into ponds or flushed from water, often as part of a walked up or mini driven mixed day.

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