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Snipe shooting is available from 12 August to 31 January

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Snipe shooting in ScotlandThere are several species of snipe in Scotland with the common snipe being the most widespread. The snipe is a smallish, stocky wading bird with a long straight bill and short legs. Most of its body is a mottled brown with pale yellow stripes on its back and a pale underbelly. Being a wader, the snipe's preferred habitat is mostly boggy land with good cover, feeding mainly on worms, insects and vegetation. Approximately 59,000 pairs of common snipe breed in the UK with up to a million more overwintering.

The common snipe does not feature highly on the quarry list and is not shot in large numbers, usually in single figures as part of a mixed walked up day. The snipe like to keep well camouflaged and will only flush at the last moment, flying in a random "zig-zag" way to confuse predators, making them very difficult to shoot.

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