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Pigeon shooting in ScotlandThe common woodpigeon is found in huge numbers throughout Scotland and the UK and is mainly grey in colour with white wing markings and a white neck patch. The pigeon has a varied diet from young shoots, vegetable crops and seedlings, to cereals and some fruits and berries.

Like rabbits, woodpigeons are seen as a pest species as they can do a huge amount of damage to crops with an estimated population of 15 million resident in the UK and many more overwintering.

Farmers actively encourage their control and pigeon shooting in Scotland is one of the most challenging and inexpensive forms of bird hunting you can get. Pigeons are usually shot with a single gun concealed in a hide, with the birds lured into a field by use of decoys. They can also be shot as part of a mixed walked up day or dusk when they return to roost. Easy to prepare and good to eat, they are an underestimated source of food.

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