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Partridge shooting is available from 1 September to 1 February

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Partridge shooting in ScotlandThe red legged partridge is not indiginous to Scotland and is also known as the French Partridge having been introduced from Europe in the 1700's. It is now so widespread that it is considered as a British game bird and must be distinguished from the English (Grey) Partidge which is not widely shot due to a decline in numbers. It is a small compact bird with a rounded head sitting on top of a short, thick neck. Light brown on its back, it has bright barring on its flanks, a dark eye stripe above pale throat feathers, a black and slightly speckled collar and vivid red bill and legs.

These particular partridges have adapted to many habitats in Scotland and thrive on heathland, woodland edges, field margins and moorland fringes, feeding mainly on cereals and seeds, together with insects when young. Shooting partridge in Scotland has become more and more popular as they can be presented over the guns in many different ways - high or low. They are reared in large numbers in a similar way to pheasants but are released into the wild gradually over the season as they are harder to keep in one place than the pheasants.

Partridge shooting in Scotland takes place mainly in September and October and after that they are often found in mixed drives with pheasants to create a variety of sport for the guns. They can also be walked up as part of a mixed day. Prices per bird are similar to pheasant, at around £30 to £40 per bird.

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