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Goose shooting is available from 1 September to 31 January

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There are three types of goose common to Scotland (detailed below) and goose shooting is known as wildfowling; being either "foreshore" or "inland" depending on your preference.

Foreshore goose shooting refers to estuaries and coastal marshes that are below the high tide level. This type of shooting can be arduous, lonely and not for the faint hearted! Good quarry recognition is essential as is safety and use of correct equipment. Well concealed in marshland, guns need patience and stamina often very early in the morning in all weathers, but can be rewarded with a true goose hunting experience.

Inland goose shooting in Scotland mainly sees a small number of guns concealed in hides positioned in well known feeding grounds, using decoys to lure the geese in. Geese habits are mainly governed by the tides and the moon, causing them to fly into their feeding grounds early in the morning, grazing on potato fields and winter cereals before returning at dusk.

Many hunters who come to Scotland will take part in a goose flight early in the morning, have breakfast, and then enjoy a walked up or driven day to follow.

Pink Footed Goose (Anser Brachyrynchus)

Pink Footed Goose shooting in ScotlandThe pink footed goose is larger than a mallard duck but smaller than a swan, being predominantly pinkish-grey in colour with a dark neck and head. Its bill, feet and legs are also pink. An estimated 190,000 geese migrate from Iceland and Greenland, over-wintering in the UK between October and April. This particular type of goose can be found in large estuaries or inland feeding on potato fields, winter cereals or grass.

Canada Goose (Branta Canadensis)

Canada Goose shooting in ScotlandThe Canada goose is a large greyish brown bird with a distinctive black head and large white throat patch. Introduced to Scotland and the rest of the UK from North America, they have successfully established themselves to cover much of Britain and form large noisy flocks, causing them to been seen as a pest due to the damage done to farm crops.

Greylag Goose (Anser Anser)

Greylag Goose shooting in ScotlandThe greylag goose is the largest native species of wild geese found in Scotland with birds retaining a special attraction to sportsmen as they are truly wild. The greylag goose is greyish-brown in the body with a darker head, pink legs and feet and an orange/pink bill. The female greylag goose is slightly smaller. Mainly migratory in Scotland, they feed on grass, roots, cereals and spilled grain.

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