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Duck shooting is available from 1 September to 31 January

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Duck shooting in ScotlandThe mallard duck is commonly found throughout Scotland and is a member of the "dabbling duck" familly that feed on the surface of the water rather than diving. The mallard tips its head forward grazing on underwater plants, insects and shellfish, as well as foraging for seeds and berries. The male duck is quite large and known as a drake. It has grey wings and underbelly with a bottle green head and yellow bill. The female is slightly smaller with a mottled brown colour. Both male and female mallard duck have distinct, white edged feathers of purple and blue. These ducks favour any wetland areas such as ponds, marshes, rivers and coastal habitats.

Although mallard duck can be driven over a team of guns in a similar way to pheasant and partridge, a full day of driven duck is not as popular as it used to be. It is more likely that driven duck will form part of a mixed shooting day with one or two ducks drives and the rest pheasant or partridge. Drives may even include all three. Mallard duck are often shot as part of a mixed walked up day and can be very challenging when high! Costs are £20 - £25 per bird.

A very popular way of shooting mallard ducks is "flighting". A small team of guns, usually 2 - 6, will be placed around the outside of a pond just before dusk and wait for the ducks to fly into the pond as it gets dark. This type of shooting is much harder than it looks and very intense - guns may have to wait for up to an hour for the mallard to come in with the shooting lasting no more than about 45 minutes until it is completely dark. This type of duck shooting is challenging and exciting but very affordable at approximately £80 per person.

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