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Roe deer stalking in Scotland

The roe deer is a smallish red/grey deer of Eurasian origin and native to Britain. The male (buck) has small antlers and like other deer is reddish in the summer turning darker in the winter and has a pale belly with a white kidney shaped rump. Females (does) are similar but have no antlers and a heart shaped white rump. Roe deer are most active at dawn and dusk, preferring to graze on good quality grass, herbs, heather and tree shoots. The breeding season (rut) is from mid July to mid August with the bucks keeping exclusive terretories, mating with several females.

The peak of the roe deer shooting season is between May and the start of August, with the shooting of roe bucks being from 1 April to 20 October and the hunting of roe does from 21 October to 31 March. Roe deer shooting experiences arranged early in the season are characterised by low cover and good visibility, whilst by August shooting is more challenging as the deer are in better condition, unpredictable and harder to spot - often lured into open ground with artifical calls. Roe deer meat - venison- is a much sought after and versatile to cook with.

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