What is wildfowling and duck shooting?

Scottish goose shooting and duck flighting explained

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Wildfowling is the term used in Scotland and around the UK for the shooting of predominantly wild geese and ducks in winter on the foreshore or inland. Geese tend to fly inland to feeding grounds early in the morning and shooting them from estuaries or coastal marshes can be a cold, solitary pastime requiring dedication and stamina. Good local knowledge and marshcraft is required with regards to the tides, safety requirements and quarry recognition. Geese can also be shot inland from hides, encouraged onto their feeding grounds of cereals and potatoes by decoys. Scotland has some of the best goose shooting in the UK and it is important to use a local guide and to be aware of all the rules and regulations regarding quarry and ammunition.

Ducks can also be found on the foreshore but are more commonly shot when flighting into ponds at dusk. This type of shooting is normally done by a team of 2 - 6 guns who would be positioned around a suitable pond well before dusk, shooting mainly mallard and teal dropping onto the pond as it gets dark. The shooting generally lasts less than an hour with birds being retrieved by the dogs once shooting has finished. Again safety and quarry recognition are paramount. Goose shooting and duck flighting can often be had as part of a driven or walked up day.

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