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Visiting Scotland to shoot game? Things you should know

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Travelling from abroad with a desire to shoot game or hunt deer in Scotland? Exclusively Scottish welcomes visitors from all over the world and can help with all arrangements to make your visit as straightforward, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The services that we offer include:

Accommodation for shoots

We offer two types of accommodation; private houses (either self catered or with a chef) and hotels (both full or half board). Properties listed on the accommodation page have been personally selected and are all located within 15 - 45 minutes of our preferred shooting estates. Most shooting in the UK requires guns to arrive promptly for 9.00 am and we will ensure that you arrive on time. Clients can also stay in Edinburgh if they wish but we would recommend allowing 90 minutes travelling time neccessitating an early start. An extra charge may be made for transfers to/from Edinburgh. Most accommodation has gun storage facilities but where this is not available we can safely store guns free of charge.

Transport for your trip

Transfers to/from Edinburgh Airport are included in most of our shooting packages and are by private car or chauffeur driven coach depending on the size of your party and you will personally be met by an Exclusively Scottish representative. Transfers are also available from Berwick Upon Tweed railway station. If you wish to hire a car, we require you to organise this yourselves. Four Wheel Drive transport on the shoot day will be provided by Exclusively Scottish or the individual shooting estate.

Visitor permits for firearms

EU visitors wishing to bring their guns to the UK need to be over 18 and will require both a European Firearms Pass and a British Visitors Permit. Entry to the UK with your firearm will not be permitted without these.The BVP needs to be applied for by your sponsor - in most cases Exclusively Scottish - at least 6 weeks before your arrival, and an electronic scan or copy of your EFP will be needed to accompany the application. All previous criminal convictions, even if spent, must be declared. For teams of 6 and above, a group application can be made. Permits are usually valid for the duration of your stay only.

Visitors from outside the EU will need to provide their original documentaion - hunting or firearms licence - together with a letter of good conduct from a judge, sheriff or similar official. This will accompany the BVP application.

Exclusively Scottish can handle all visitor paperwork at a fee of £85.00 per application, however, a visitors permit is not required if you are not bringing a firearm to the UK.

Gun hire for visitors to Scotland

It may be possible to borrow or hire a firearm during your visit and this can be done by prior arrangement. We have a partnership with a local gun smith and can provide the following firearms for your trip to Scotland:

  • Over and Under Shotgun in 12 or 20 Bore
  • Side by side in 12 bore
  • Rifles as required

Cartridges and ammunition can be purchased as required.

Non shooting activities

Exclusively Scottish can provide a wide variety of non shooting activities to complement your visit or to entertain non shooting guests on your shooting days. These include:

Book a game shooting package Scotland

Exclusively Scottish can tailor make shooting packages for novices, single guns, couples, small groups and teams, or even customise an entire shooting based holiday for you. So if you're visiting Scotland for a holiday get in touch and we'd be happy to help!

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