What equipment and clothing do I need?

Recommended equipment and clothing for game shooting

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A huge amount has been written in books, magazines and on the internet about guns, ammunition, clothing and accessories for game shooting and deer stalking - maybe too much! Selection is mostly down to personal preference and budget with few rights and wrongs. Below is a general guide to what is appropriate to the type of shooting.

Driven Shooting
  • Most commonly 12 bore but 20 bore shotguns are becoming very popular. Youngsters and serious professionals often have a 28 bore shotgun and .410 rifle.
  • Over and under shotguns tend to be game guns, or 'sporters' with a trend for longer barrels of 30" plus on high pheasants.
  • Side by side shotguns are still very popular and traditional - especially for grouse shooting.
  • Cartridge loads of 28 - 32 grams No. 5 or 6 are perfectly adequate for most driven game but the choice is endless.
  • A good cartridge bag and gunslip are essential.
  • Fieldsports clothing is generally preferred to be formal - breeks, shooting socks, shirt and tie. Technical clothing is becoming more widespread however.
  • A good coat is essential as is a hat (but not a baseball cap!). 2 if you are shooting in Scotland!
  • Wellingtons or walking boots depending on preference.
Walked Up Shooting
  • Lightweight 12 bore shotguns are preferred, with side by side or 20 bore shotguns being an ideal weight to carry around all day.
  • Take a selection of cartridges for different quarry as well as non toxic for wildfowl.
  • Cartridge belts are useful but can damage gun stocks.
  • Wear clothing appropriate for the weather and the terrain. Lightweight modern technical shells work well over traditional clothing.
  • Wear waterproof boots that you are happy to walk in all day.
  • A game bag can be useful.
  • Ideally a 12 bore shotgun but also 20 bore shotguns can be used.
  • Generally heavier non toxic loads - 30 to 36 gram 4's or 5's. Even heavier sometimes for geese on the foreshore.
  • Cartridge belt, gunslip, game bag and torch.
  • Good warm waterproof clothing and boots. Modern technical clothing is ideal, and achange of clothes is reccommended.
  • A good hat.

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