Countryman Fair at Highclere Castle

Exclusively Scottish, Castle Gunmakers Ltd and Shooting School UK team up again for Highclere.

Highclere Castle stand
After the success of the West Country Game Fair, Exclusively Scottish decided to have a go at the Countryman Fair at Highclere Castle near Newbury. I had only been to Highclere as a visitor years ago and couldn’t remember much about it, but we thought it might be a good venue to take a stand, as it was in a great position to attract visitors. I had been told that the fair was a lot smaller than in previous years and that not many gun dealers attended – so potentially more business for us!

Shotgun sales display
We arrived to set up on the Saturday and our stand was in between John Field (clothing) and a reloading company – so not bad. Cathy and I did most of the setting up while we waited for Edward (no surprise). Edward was adamant that he ‘dress’ the gun racks but soon disappeared to give a lesson! The stand was looking pretty good by about 8.00 pm and so we got out the red wine and lit the BBQ.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny and people started pouring on to the stand straight away – it turned out we were the only gun dealer there – at a game fair! Cathy was kept busy with the Exclusively Scottish products, selling shooting socks, throws and scarves and we also had a lot of interest in the bespoke game shooting and fishing packages. Edward did a great job as usual selling guns although some people did appear like they were looking for his ‘off’ button! John Ormiston and his crew looked busy on the John Field stand and by midday the sun was blazing and the crowds were huge. The stand was busy right up to the end of the day with Edward selling a shotgun in the last half hour.

Second Hand Shotgun Sales     Harris Tweed Gunslips

Monday was a bit quieter to start with but soon warmed up and by lunchtime the show was packed and we had overtaken Sunday’s sales. Thanks to John Ormiston who brought a friend on to the stand to buy Edward’s lovely .410 hammer gun. Lots of friends came on to the stand both new and old and it was good to meet Adrian Pink who has been a great supporter on Facebook. Lots more interest in the game shooting packages, especially the mixed walked up days. By 6.00 pm we were shattered and started to pack down, deciding to stay one more night and drive back in the morning – a drive that took 8 hours!

Shooting socks     Ian, Cathy and Edward

All in all the show was a great success and we hope to go again next year. Thanks to everyone who came on the stand even if they didnt buy anything!

Next stop is the CLA where we will be sharing a stand on Gunmakers Row with Lairds Sporting Directory – see you there!