Grouse Shooting with Tasmanian Devils

It’s not often that you get to go grouse shooting with Tasmanian Devils,  but that’s what happened a couple of weeks ago. I had been booked by another shooting agent ( I can’t name him of course – Charlie you know it’s you!), to look after a couple of clients over from Tasmania for there first ever grouse shooting experience. Guns and cartridges were supplied by Castle Gunmakers and I was to be their guide. On the first day we headed off to Bisley at Braidwood to sharpen up on some clays in the grouse butt. Although the guys had lots of shooting experience walking up over pointers in Australia, simulated grouse shooting on low driven targets was a whole new ball game! They soon caught on. After a quick briefing on the etiquette of the day we were ready for the real thing.

oz7  tas devil

Day 2 was to be 30 brace driven grouse with 8 guns. Charlie was generous to let me invite two guests and good friends Darren and Paul didn’t take much persuading! However when first asked, Paul said – “do you need me to pick up?” He was glad he brought his gun! Charlie and I stood alternate drives with Wayne and David, our Tasmanian Devils, and they soon got into the swing of things, both bagging grouse in the first couple of drives. There were smiles all round at “elevenses” with Paul admitting he had never shot grouse before. The weather was fabulous as was the company and it was a memorable day for all those involved. We achieved 26 brace which was pretty good for such an inexperienced team.

oz2  oz1  oz3

Our final day was walked up grouse shooting over pointers. Wayne was really looking forward to seeing the dogs work and he was not disappointed. Despite the hot weather, the abundance of grouse this year meant the first dog was soon on point and the guys walked in just in time to get a shot and one bird fell! We criss-crossed the moor for a couple of hours and the guns got to lunch with a couple of brace each. The hot weather meant that the dogs were only worked for an hour after lunch leaving the guys with some true walked up grouse shooting to finish the day.

oz5  oz6

What a fantastic 3 days! Simulated driven grouse, actual driven grouse and walked up grouse. Wayne and David had been looking forward to this trip for many years and they weren’t disappointed. They were true sportsmen and appreciative of all aspects of the shoot management and the value of grouse shooting to Scotland. Hopefully they may be back again.